Tamara Jong: Lit Mag Love Case Study

How do you get over the heartbreak of a big rejection for your writing?

If you’re Tamara Jong, you pick yourself back up and reconnect with what you love about writing and writing community.

Let’s back up a bit.

Earlier this year, Tamara heard back from a big MFA program with a big Tamara Jong“NO!”

(That’s how she says it felt to her. Written in all caps and with an exclamation mark.) This big NO! shook her. She stopped writing for a month, and was “wrapped in a cocoon of self-doubt.”

But a little voice inside her still wanted to be a writer. The spark was still alive.

Then Tamara decided to try my course, Lit Mag Love, in the hopes of finding her way back to writing. Through Lit Mag Love, Tamara learned to focus on her own motivations for sharing and submitting her writing and to build a plan that suits her true goals for her writing career.

She worked with a renewed passion through the lessons.

Tamara polished up her writing and started sending out her work with a clear strategy tailored to her aspirations. She shared encouragement with her peers in the Lit Mag Love community; they shared the same right back with her.

And something shifted.

“I had new energy for pieces that I dreaded revising and I submitted more work in a few months than the year before.” She had come back to writing, big time.

While in the course, she decided to apply for another writing program—this time she got a big “YES!”

“I would not have been able to do all this if I hadn’t taken the course which helped me be more intentional with my submissions, deal with rejection (because it’s part of the writer’s deal), make some great new supportive writer friends (who totally get the writing ups and downs).”

She says my course helped her focus on what really matters—the writing. (So true.)

“I am indebted to Rachel and this wonderful course and recommend any of her courses. Rachel is a writer who gets writing.”

Let the lesson here be to trust the inner-voice that reminds you that you’re a writer when it feels like the world is shouting “NO!”

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