Lit Mag Love is a podcast for writers who want to publish.

In each episode of Lit Mag Love, host Rachel Thompson has real conversations with literary magazine editors about their writing lives, and the editorial choices they make for their journals.

The aim is to help you, lovely writer, discover new journals and understand what goes into the decisions to accept or decline your submissions.

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Minisode: What do editors want?
While there isn’t a new editor interview for the Lit Mag Love podcast this week, I thought I would take[...]
Flash and Fire with Rebecca Salazar of Plenitude
In this episode, Rachel Thompson interviews Rebecca Salazar, poetry editor with Plenitude magazine, a publication that aims to promote the[...]
Take Control of Your Narrative with Robin Richardson of Minola Review
In this episode, Rachel Thompson talks with Robin Richardson, founder of the Minola Review. She discusses how she overcame early[...]
Know You’re in a Conversation with Lilly Dancyger of Narratively
In this episode, Rachel Thompson talks with Lilly Dancyger of Narratively, about the responsibility of editors to elevate voices left[...]

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Delight in Language with Maya Marshall of [PANK]
In this episode, Rachel talks with Maya Marshall, a self-described demanding and productive writer and editor with [PANK] magazine—yes, the[...]
Take Notice with Donna Talarico of Hippocampus
“I’ve just become better at noticing those little mechanical things,” says the guest for this episode, Donna Talarico, the founder[...]
Pick Pleasure over Ambition with Wendy Lesser from The Threepenny Review
The guest for this episode of Lit Mag Love is Wendy Lesser, an American critic, writer, and editor based in[...]
Be Luminescent with Amanda Leduc of Little Fiction/Big Truths
“Don’t give up and recognize that the writing is a thing in and of itself as well. You need to[...]
Lift Up Women’s Stories with Sierra Skye Gemma, Contest Coordinator at Room
“To me, a very intimate piece of memoir that could in no way be fact checked was just as valid[...]
Remember Write Rhymes with Fight with Eufemia Fantetti of Humber Literary Review
“Write rhymes with fight for a reason. We’re not all meant to be at the frontline...I’m way more comfortable sitting[...]
Understand Who You Are with Alicia Elliott of The Fiddlehead
“I think that when a writer doesn’t have a good understanding of who they are and what their beliefs are...they[...]
Stick With Writers with Shazia Hafiz Ramji from PRISM
As always this episode truly takes you behind the scenes of a literary journal—in this case, it’s a University-based journal[...]
Turn Your Writing Outward with Carleigh Baker of Joyland Vancouver
Rachel interviews Carleigh Baker, an editor with Joyland, who talks about the difference between her first and future books, “You[...]
Write When Language Fails with Janice Lee of Entropy
ENTROPY is a website featuring literary and related non-literary content. They seek to create a space where writers can engage[...]
Let Love Lead You with Derek Askey of The Sun Magazine
The Sun is an independent, ad-free magazine that for more than forty years has used words and photographs to evoke[...]
Invest in Relationships with Pamela Mulloy of The New Quarterly
The New Quarterly—TNQ, for short—is a Canadian literary journal known for wit, warmth, and literary innovation. Our style is celebratory,[...]
Listen to the Writing with Chelene Knight of Room
Room is Canada’s oldest feminist literary journal, and has published fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, art, interviews, and book reviews for forty[...]
How Writing is like Running and Cycling with Andrea Bennett of Maisonneuve
About Maisonneuve Maisonneuve literally means "new house" and suggests the spirit of collective enterprise the magazine gathers under one roof. The[...]
Make Something Strange with Thea Prieto of The Gravity of the Thing
An online independent literary magazine dedicated to the publication of new and innovative writing, The Gravity of theThing has been[...]
Expose Something Scary with John Haggerty from The Forge Lit Mag
The Forge Literary Magazine was founded by volunteers from the Fiction Forge, an international online writers’ forum, which counts amongst[...]
No Subject is Off Limits with Shashi Bhat from Event Magazine
For 45 years, EVENT has published the very best in contemporary new poetry and prose. They are one of Western[...]