Kelly S. Thompson: Lit Mag Love Case Study

What happens when a writer leaves an MFA program and its built-in writing community?

For Kelly S. Thompson, leaving her MFA left her floundering because she no longer had ongoing support for the trials of submitting her writing.

A benefit of an MFA program is its in-built writing community and support, but when the program ends, writers often find themselves left to their own devices.

After her MFA, writing rejections were getting her Kelly down. “I was no longer submitting,” she says. “It felt especially paralyzing.” 

In Lit Mag Love, Kelly discovered a writing community outside the university.

The course community helped salve the sting of rejection. Kelly was reminded that, as she puts it, “rejection is a necessary part of the process because it helps us to grow.”

Kelly started submitting her writing again in earnest and had many writing wins.

Since Lit Mag Love, Kelly has won writing awards and published in a number of places, including in the anthology Everyday Heroes published by Simon and Schuster.

She’s even found her own way to build a community, by starting to teach writing at a college.

“My writing career is unfolding in new ways, and I believe returning to a writing community in Lit Mag Love with the gentle guidance of Rachel was vital to all my new progress.”

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