Anne Falkowski: Lit Mag Love Case Study

“I had a weird thing happen.”

That’s how the message I received from Anne Falkowski opened.

It turns out Anne had submitted a piece to ten lit mags and a lower-tier place accepted her work right away. But when she withdrew from the higher-tier places, two got back to her telling her they were moved by her work and one said they would have published her piece had she not withdrawn it.

Getting such positive response all at once from lit mags was not how things were for Anne before she joined Lit Mag Love.

Anne enrolled in Lit Mag Love because she was frustrated with the submission process. Up to that point, most of her work was getting rejected and she wouldn’t hear back from most literary magazines for many months.

“Getting published seemed nearly impossible,” Anne said.

Anne had gone from months and months of waiting—with many rejections—to having journals fighting to publish her work!

Lit Mag Love showed her how she had been going at submitting “all wrong.”

“As soon as I took Rachel’s advice, I started to get acceptance letters in my email. (I just wish I had listened to her about submitting to my tier-one magazines first!)”

“I highly recommend Rachel’s lit mag publishing course. It really fuels you to get published and makes the process easy. The best thing is you will see results!”

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