Get Smart, Fearless, and Published—with lots of help from me.

I'm Rachel Thompson, founder of Lit Mag Love. 
I’m a literary magazine editor, a published author, and I have interviewed numerous editors about submissions to their journals. (Learn more about me and the course in the video above.)


  1. • Feel overwhelmed about sending your writing to journals. (Some of it has been languishing in drawers for years!)
  • • Submit to lit mags, but get frustrated with the long waits, followed by the heartbreaking sting of rejection.

  • • Wish you had a community of writers to champion you and your writing.


  1. • Know the steps you must take to publish your work—and take those steps!

  2. • Get a big "YES" for your writing from a dream journal, and then another, and another.
  • • Have a warm community of writers at your fingertips, with helpful advice and support when you need it.

If you are ready to set and reach some big goals for your writing this year, I'm here to help you reach them and more.

I think Lit Mag Love is a winner because it gives practical help for those writers who are ready to leap and just don't know how. Doing this with a group made it "fun" in a way and it didn't feel as if I were drudging along in my "room of one's own."

Rhonda Mitchell

My writing life has exploded since taking the Lit Mag Love course! I've had five short stories accepted in the space of a few months (along with some inevitable rejections) and I feel I'm really on the right track. 

Julia molloy

Rachel deeply cares about helping emerging and established writers. She believes in building and cultivating writing communities—spaces for writers to meet, share work, get feedback, and grow. 

Marlena Chertock

to find out how the lit mag love course 
has helped other writers, read on...



Shirley Harshenin

How Shirley got from daunted to organized.

Shirley was “born to write.” She no doubts whatsoever about her calling to the writing life.

But what she had in fire and passion, she lacked in organization.

Shirley felt disorganized and overwhelmed by the process of putting together a method to track her submissions and pieces. She had a deep desire to read her own stories in the lit mags she admired, but she didn’t know how to make that happen. For her, the entire prospect circled around one word: daunting.

Shirley joined the Lit Mag Love course because she needed a map to follow to her writing dreams.

“I now have a tailored, workable plan,” Shirley says. I am committed. I am organized. I feel prepared and super excited going forward!”

By working through each lesson of Lit Mag Love, Shirley re-upped her commitment and got organized than ever before.

“I feel prepared and super excited going forward!”

For Shirley, Lit Mag Love was an investment in her writing career. (As she put it, an “invaluable” one.)

“Rachel’s love and knowledge of the lit mag scene are undeniable; her genuine desire to see her students succeed is inspiring and admirable. I highly recommend this course.”



Tamara Jong

How Tamara went from the heartbreak of rejection to saying "yes" to her writing.

Earlier this year, Tamara heard back from a big MFA program with a big "NO!" (That's how she says it felt to her. Written in all caps and with an exclamation mark.)

This big NO! shook her. She stopped writing for a month, and was "wrapped in a cocoon of self-doubt." But a little voice inside her still wanted to be a writer. The spark was still alive.

Tamara decided to try Lit Mag Love in the hopes of finding her way back to writing. 

Through Lit Mag Love, Tamara learned to focus on her own motivations for sharing and submitting her writing and to build a plan that suits her true goals for her writing career.

She worked with a renewed passion through the lessons, polished up her writing, and started sending out her work with a clear strategy tailored to her aspirations. Tamara shared encouragement with her peers in the Lit Mag Love community, and they shared the same with her.

"I had new energy for pieces that I dreaded revising and I submitted more work in a few months than the year before." Tamara had come back to writing​.

While in the course, Tamara decided to apply for another writing program—this time she got a big "YES!"

"I would not have been able to do all this if I hadn't taken the course which helped me be more intentional with my submissions, deal with rejection (because it's part of the writer's deal), make some great new supportive writer friends (who totally get the writing ups and downs)."

She says my course helped her focus on what really matters—the writing. (So true.)

“I am indebted to Rachel and this wonderful course and recommend any of her courses. Rachel is a writer who gets writing.”

Lit Mag Love taught me to be more professional in terms of the writing practice. Getting published isn't just throwing your work into the dark. You have to be strategic about it. I really liked that Lit Mag Love broke it down into specific goals.


 I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to publish in literary magazines, but really any writer who is interested in joining a community and honing their craft.


Deborah Johnstone

Lit Mag Love was the impetus I needed to get serious and motivated about my submissions. Rachel was a luminous guide offering equal parts gentle prompts and discerning truths.


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writers like you...



How Anne went from months and months of waiting and rejections to having journals fighting to publish her work.

“I had a weird thing happen,” Anne's message opened.

It turns out, Anne had submitted a piece to ten lit mags and a lower-tier place accepted her work right away. The "weird" thing was when she withdrew from the higher-tier places, two got back to her telling her they were moved by her work and one said they would have published her piece had she not withdrawn it.

Getting such positive response all at once from lit mags was not how things were for Anne before she joined Lit Mag Love.

Anne enrolled in Lit Mag Love because she was frustrated with the submission process. Up to that point, most of her work was getting rejected and she wouldn’t hear back from most literary magazines for many months.

“Getting published seemed nearly impossible,” Anne said.

Anne had gone from months and months of waiting—with many rejections—to having journals fighting to publish her work!

Lit Mag Love showed her how she had been going at submitting “all wrong.”

“As soon as I took Rachel’s advice, I started to get acceptance letters in my email. (I just wish I had listened to her about submitting to my tier-one magazines first!)”

“I highly recommend Rachel’s lit mag publishing course. It really fuels you to get published and makes the process easy. The best thing is you will see results!”



Rowan McCandless

How Rowan built her writing network with no "writing establishment" connections.

Rowan McCandless's self-taught approach to the craft helped her garner some success, including award wins in prestigious journals. 

“I had had some success with pieces that I’d submitted to contests, but I didn’t really know how to develop my network of where I would submit from there,” Rowan says.

Rowan joined Lit Mag Love because she lacked a writing network and connections to editors.

The guest editors who answered her questions in the course helped her do the networking she needed. “Those experiences were so informative,” she says. “They were just like little gifts, little writerly gifts.”

“Rachel created this online community of writers where we can meet and talk about our submissions successes and struggles and questions and comments.”



How Kelly discovered a writing community outside her MFA program.

For Kelly S. Thompson, leaving her MFA left her floundering because she no longer had ongoing support for the trials of submitting her writing.

One benefit of an MFA program is its in-built writing community and support, but when the program ends, writers may find themselves left to their own devices.

After her MFA, writing rejections were getting her Kelly down. “I was no longer submitting,” she says. “It felt especially paralyzing.”

Kelly says that the Lit Mag Love course community helped salve the sting of rejection. She was reminded that, as she puts it, “rejection is a necessary part of the process because it helps us to grow.”

Kelly started submitting her writing again in earnest and had many writing wins.

Since Lit Mag Love, Kelly has won writing awards and published in a number of places, including in the anthology Everyday Heroes published by Simon and Schuster.

She’s even found her own way to build a community, by starting to teach writing at a college.

“My writing career is unfolding in new ways, and I believe returning to a writing community in Lit Mag Love with the gentle guidance of Rachel was vital to all my new progress.”

This course gave me a lot of the direction when I was floundering beforehand. I always wondered whether I just wasn't good enough, now I see two things after this course—how to work with a system and that only I get to decide that I am a good enough writer.


What a wonderful experience meeting everyone, connecting, and spending the last month talking writing and submissions! Rachel, thank you for all your hard work, your patience, and your passion for writing. They come through loud and clear, and they've rubbed off on all of us.


The course helped me to see what encouragement I could take from decoding rejections and to keep reaching for my dream journals, particularly when they say they'd like to see other work.




summer-love self-study sessions coming soon!

Once registered, you will have lifetime access to the lessons, as well as free updated and new lessons. (For each new session I update the lessons and often add new ones.) 

Each video lesson in the course comes with concrete, detailed assignment. You will need to have 3-5 hours available per week of the course session to do the assignment, but you set your own schedule. (You could skip a week and double-up the next, for example.)

Each week in the course we have office hours where you can come and ask questions live. I set the times for our live calls based upon when the current cohort is available (and I will set up personal meetings with any outliers). Video replays are available after each live call.


  • Module 1: Create a tailored list of publications where you will submit

    Get Clear About Why You Want to Publish in Journals
    Explore the Lit Mag Landscape
    Pairing Journals to Fit Your Writing Goals

    Module 2: Prepare Your Submission

  • What Do Editors Want?
  • Ready Your Writing
  • Preparing Your Submission

  • Module 3: Build Your Submissions System

  • Goals and Systems
  • Fine-Tune Your Lit Mag List
  • The Cover Letter

  • Module 4: Hit Submit & Prepare for Feedback

  • Submit!
  • Rejection and Hyper-Critical Feedback
  • Types of Rejection
  • The Art of Acceptance

Created by & © Rachel Thompson, 2018