Get Smart, Fearless, and Published—With Lots of Help!

Lit Mag Love is an online course for writers who want to publish their work and join a warm community of writers. We’re uncovering what editors really want. If you’re like most writers, your own thoughts about rejection often stop you from sending out your best work to the right places. Lit Mag Love helps you submit your most luminous words to the journals who want them.

I’ve helped 200+ writers get smart, fearless, and published in journals.

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"If you are ready to set and reach some big goals for your writing this year, I'm here to help you reach them and more." 

I'm Rachel Thompson, founder of Lit Mag Love, a literary magazine editor, and a published author, and host of the Lit Mag Love Podcast, where I have interviewed numerous editors about submissions to their journals. (Learn more in the video.)

Lit Mag Love is practical and action-oriented. When you’ve finished the 30-day course, you’ll immediately start submitting your well-revised work to journals eager to publish your most luminous words.

After Lit Mag Love, You Will...

  • Know the steps you must take to publish—and take them.
  • Get a big "YES" for your writing from a dream journal.
  • Have a warm community of writers at your fingertips.

I think Lit Mag Love is a winner because it gives practical help for those writers who are ready to leap and just don't know how. Doing this with a group made it "fun" in a way and it didn't feel as if I were drudging along in my "room of one's own."

Rhonda Mitchell

 I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to publish in literary magazines, but really any writer who is interested in joining a community and honing their craft.


My writing life has exploded since taking the Lit Mag Love course! I've had five short stories accepted in the space of a few months (along with some inevitable rejections) and I feel I'm really on the right track. 

Julia Molloy

Rachel deeply cares about helping emerging and established writers. She believes in building and cultivating writing communities—spaces for writers to meet, share work, get feedback, and grow. 

Marlena Chertock

Lit Mag Love taught me to be more professional in terms of the writing practice. Getting published isn't just throwing your work into the dark. You have to be strategic about it. I really liked that Lit Mag Love broke it down into specific goals.


This course gave me a lot of the direction when I was floundering beforehand. I always wondered whether I just wasn't good enough, now I see two things after this course—how to work with a system and that only I get to decide that I am a good enough writer.


What a wonderful experience meeting everyone, connecting, and spending the last month talking writing and submissions! Rachel, thank you for all your hard work, your patience, and your passion for writing. They come through loud and clear, and they've rubbed off on all of us.


Deborah Johnstone

Lit Mag Love was the impetus I needed to get serious and motivated about my submissions. Rachel was a luminous guide offering equal parts gentle prompts and discerning truths.


Lit Mag Love Includes

  • Lifetime access to the lessons, as well as free updated and new lessons. (For each new session I update the lessons and often add new ones.)
  • Check File
    Loads of bonus materials, including worksheets, spreadsheets, and live Q & A sessions with editors.
  • Check File
    Downloadable video & audio (podcast format) lessons.
  • Check File
    Live video office hours, where you can come ask me questions (video replays are available after each live call), and a 24/7 open course community where you can connect with other writers, get new leads on lit mags, and be accountable.

Who is Lit Mag Love for?

Lit Mag Love is specifically for writers who are ready to have their work be read widely and celebrated. If you’re not sure you’re quite ready for this, the course and our warm community of writers will get you there. It’s for writers who feel overwhelmed about sending their work out to journals. (Some of it has been languishing in drawers for years!) It’s also for writers who submit to lit mags, but get frustrated with the long waits, followed by the heartbreaking sting of rejection.

A warm community of writers, no need to travel...

Lit Mag Love is online and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection—and even then, the course materials can either be streamed or downloaded and watched from your cabin in the woods. A warm community of writers from all over the world is available anytime to talk about writing, craft, and submissions with you.

At your own pace...

Though the live components of the course are held over 30 days, you can do the lessons entirely at your own pace, and you will have instant, forever access to all the course materials and updates. There are no time limits, unless you need a deadline to finish—in which case I offer a bonus of a yearly commit to submit club membership to everyone who completes all the lessons in the 30 days of the live course. It’s up to you, though, you can complete the program in as much or as little time as as you’d like, and revisit the lessons as often as you want.

How long is this program?

Lit Mag Love comprises four modules, with three lessons each. Each lesson is 5-10 minutes longEach lesson in the course comes with concrete, detailed assignments and examples, and past students have said it takes from 3-5 hours per module to do the assignments.

Created by & © Rachel Thompson, 2018